Covid-19 Visiting December 2020

9th December 2020

We look forward to welcoming visitors back into our homes again – “visiting is a central part of care home life. It is important for maintaining the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for the residents, as well as their life-long relationships with their loved ones”.

Visiting Pods supported by testing 

We have set up 2 visiting PODS where ambulant Residents will be taken for all visits. One at The Bungalow (56, Perry Park Road) at the rear of Karenza and The Beeches. One at Holly House for Holly House and Southside Residents (Southside residents will be transported to and from the pod’s for the visits). The pods have visiting screens set up designed to reduce the risk of viral transmission. 

Indoor Visiting supported by testing 

Indoor visits at the Care Homes are to be supported only for residents who are cared for in their bedrooms or beds, or for residents where their mobility is restricted. These visits will be facilitated in the best interest of the resident by the respective care home Managers.

For information on how to book a visit and for the visiting agreement, please get in touch here: Contact Us

All visits must be booked ahead of time, especially whilst we are under level 3 of the 3 Tier restrictions – please see “booking a visit” for more information.

  • Visitor numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 bubble visitors who can visit once a week initially , this will be increased as time goes on.
  • Visitors will be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival to the care home. The rapid result must be negative before entering the home. (We have not yet received these testing kits, we have 48 hour testing kits available now).
  • Visitors temperatures will be taken and recorded, if your temperature is above average, you will not be able to visit your relative. 
  • Visitors will be asked a series of screening questions relating to potential Covid-19 exposure. 
  • PPE will be provided for visitors to wear in the care homes and visiting pods.
  • Additional staff will be on shift to sanitize the visiting area before and after visits. 
  • Contact between the resident and visitors should be limited where possible to reduce the risk of transmission (visiting screen will be available). 

Full Government Guidance 

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