Encouraging Digital Literacy

22nd February 2024

In our community, we are dedicated to equipping our residents with the essential digital skills crucial for success in today’s world. Recognizing the significance of computer training, we have implemented a supportive initiative aimed at encouraging and facilitating residents to participate in these programs at the local library.

Understanding that some residents may harbor hesitations or uncertainties regarding computer training, we proactively instill confidence and motivation. We actively urge residents to explore the diverse opportunities for computer training, and the local library provides personalized guidance and assistance tailored to the needs of our residents.

To further enhance our residents’ engagement, we ensure a comfortable mode of transportation to the local library and organize post-training lunches. This additional support not only eliminates transportation barriers but also creates a social and enjoyable aspect to the learning experience.

Through our active encouragement and facilitation of residents attending computer training at the local library, we are effectively dismantling barriers and cultivating a community that wholeheartedly embraces digital literacy.