17th March 2023

It was a fun and exciting day as staff members and residents of JW Care group gathered at the beeches care home to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely observed celebration throughout the world, but at JW Care Group, it is especially memorable. Every year, we make a big effort to make our residents feel happy and festive. Here’s a peek at how St. Patrick’s Day was observed at the nursing home this year.


The celebrations began with green and gold decorations strung throughout the Beeches home. All around us, there were green streamers, shamrocks, and balloons. In order to fully capture the St. Patrick’s Day mood, we had stickers of St. Patrick, shamrocks and rainbows on a few of the windows.

Meal And Drinks

Our St. Patrick’s Day parties always aim to include some Irish cuisine. This year, we had a special meal with corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and, of course, lots of green treats like green cupcakes and shamrock cookies. We also added some green flavoured Fanta drink and squash


Every celebration should have some form of entertainment, and St. Patrick’s Day was no exception. All day long, there was live music and singing, and most staff and residents joined in, singing along to their favourite Irish songs. We also had a quiz contest where our residents had to show how much they knew about Irish history and culture.


We had a number of activities for our staff and residents to participate in. Residents threw balloons in the air, some played some musical instrument and some created and wore their St. Patrick’s Day decorations, including as shamrock cut-outs and green hats.

Overall, St. Patrick’s Day at The Beeches home was a big success. It was fantastic to watch our residents interact and have a good time. We care about how our residents feel about themselves, about the community, and about participating in special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day.

At JW Care group, we think that every day is an opportunity to give our clients memorable experiences, and St. Patrick’s Day was no different. We are already anticipating the celebrations for the following year and are excited to see what fresh concepts we can come up with.