Read our digitalisation story, how we've taken our care recording system digital and the benefits of doing so

Going Digital

31st July 2019
We’re Going Digital

Providing bespoke care that meets the individual and often very complex needs of all our residents is at the heat of what we do at JW Care Group.

To ensure that our high standards are constantly met, we document every moment that the care team spend with our residents. Up until now we have used online forms and paper systems to do this, but have decided to take the digital leap and transform the way we record at the point of care.

We have introduced our own care recording system on mobile devices and PC’s to replace the paper format. Having our own recording system means we can choose what information we want to record and how we record it so that we can cover all aspects of the residents care including:

  • Behavioural
  • Medical
  • Personal
  • Psychological 
  • & Social



EFFICIENCY. This is a much more efficient system meaning that our staff have more time to spend with the residents.

ANALYSIS is much more effective. The system allows us to gain a more specific and reliable insight into the residents care. Doing so means that we can anticipate changes in their condition and flag concerns that may require further attention. 

INFORMED care planning. Using the notes analysis, we can improve the way we design our care plans making them much more valid, ultimately enhancing how we cater to our residents individual needs.

DATA SECURITY increased. Having a digital care recording system means that we can guarantee our data security. The system is constantly monitored and all edits are tracked, the data is encrypted from end to end, and is regularly backed up. The platform itself follows Google Security Protocols that protect input information, applications, and the devices used.

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